Guitar lessons in Breda

-> Place for some more students Gypsy Jazz and Jazz Guitar for the serie of 5 lessons February to June Reinier teaches once per month at the house of Gypsy Jazz guitar and Mandolin luthier … Read more

Private Lessons

Gypsy Jazz Guitar and Jazz Guitar lessons I teach in ‘general’ jazz guitar, but he is specialized in GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR. Since he played with greats of the Gypsy Jazz like Fapy Lafertin and Jimmy … Read more


Reinier loves to coach and help both starting hobby ánd professional Gypsy Jazz combo’s. How to improve the ‘over all’ bandsound, how to swing and groove, how to simply arrange – or ‘setting’ a tune, … Read more

The Grappelli Django Workshop Camp

Reinier is regular staffmember and teacher of the Grappelli Django Workshop Camps, since violonist Tim Kliphuis founded these in 2010. Lots of instrument workshops, topic workshops and ensemble classes are given. Last but not least … Read more

Truefire video lessons

For video lesson-publisher TRUEFIRE (USA) Reinier made together with Europe’s Truefire-producer Matthieu Brandt three video courses with lessons especially for Gypsy Jazz Guitarists. – 50 Gypsy Guitar Licks you must know – Gypsy Jazz Melodic … Read more