10 Carat Gold Groove, recorded for Gitarist Magazine in 2021
Recording Bagatelle Nr.1, for the CD ‘Images’, comp. Reinier Voet, recorded November 2022

Reinier Voet Kwartet with Jelle van Tongeren, Mischa Kool and Harold Berghuis: ‘Pensées’. Recorded in 2021 for Magazine Gitarist

‘Douche Chaude’ (Reinier Voet). Soundcheck for recording the CD ‘Images’.
Long ago… Reinier Voet & Pigalle44, Samois Django Festival 2004, playing ‘Belleville’, feat. Gert Wantenaar-acc, Jan Brouwer-rtmgtr and Nick McGuire-double bass
Duet by Tim Kliphuis and Reinier during Django in June, Stéphane Grappelli’s ‘Souvenir de Villingen’

May 10th 2023, release concert CD ‘IMAGES’: ’10 Carat Gold Groove’ (comp. Reinier Voet)

May 10th 2023, release concert CD ‘Images’: ‘Bagatelle Nr. 2’ and ‘June ’21’ (comp. Reinier Voet)
A One Microphone Recording by Sound Liaison: ‘What is this thing called love’ by Reinier Voet & Pigalle44 featuring Karin van Kooten on violin
Met de Yvonne Weijers band o.l.v. Cajan Witmer on piano. CD release in ‘De Harmonie’, Haarlem
Yvonne Weijers band o.l.v. Cajan Witmer, De Harmonie, Haarlem, CD release ‘De zon komt op’.