Reinier loves to coach and help both starting hobby ánd professional Gypsy Jazz combo’s. How to improve the ‘over all’ bandsound, how to swing and groove, how to simply arrange – or ‘setting’ a tune, making intro’s and endings etc.

Do you have a beginning gypsy jazz band: I would love to help you to start to get the sound of what we call ‘La Pompe’, the rhythm guitarplayer and a double bass. Or working on the main list of necessary Gypsy Jazz repertoire.

Do you already play for a while in a gypsy jazz combo, but you want to improve the sound in detail: give me a call or personal message. I would love love to help you further on the road of Gypsy Jazz.
So often a simple thing could improve the whole bandsound!

Phone + Whatsapp: + 31 6 2450 2819
Or send a personal message via Facebook