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Gypsy Jazz Guitar and Jazz Guitar lessons

I teach in ‘general’ jazz guitar, but he is specialized in GYPSY JAZZ GUITAR. Since he played with greats of the Gypsy Jazz like Fapy Lafertin and Jimmy Rosenberg, apart from my own bands Reinier Voet & Pigalle44 (with Jan Brouwer) and before The Cravat Quartet (with violonist Hady Mouallem), so I speak from experience in my professional carrer, I know what to tell and teach to improve playing of both beginners and advanced players.

My guitar lessons cover many different aspects of (gypsy) jazz guitar technique and theory. Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Left hand technique: arpeggio’s, gypsy-jazzguitar-licks (idiom), chordshapes etc.

– Right hand technique: how to hold and use the plectrum (gypsy picking), single string soloing etc.

– And not to forget playing ‘La Pompe’, the gypsy way of rhythm guitar which is essential for that typical Gypsy Jazz sound.

I use ‘the guitar as your teacher’ as a central point, how to use the fretboard as a visual self-explanatory system, which Reinier considers extremely necessary for the improvising jazzguitarist. So: learn and know the language of the instrument through wich you talk. Don’t forget: Django Reinhardt was a jazz guitar player. And he díd understand his guitar!

Apart from Django Reinhardt-/Gypsy Jazz guitar style, as a starting point, also more modern jazz guitar, standards and general jazz improvisation are taught.

I teach (gypsy-) jazz amators as well as serious students preparing for conservatory or professional practice. But the thing that counts is and will be making music!

Do you feel like learning to play jazz or gypsy jazz guitar? Please contact me:

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