The Grappelli Django Workshop Camp

Reinier is regular staffmember and teacher of the Grappelli Django Workshop Camps, since violonist Tim Kliphuis founded these in 2010. Lots of instrument workshops, topic workshops and ensemble classes are given. Last but not least JAMMING is a key for having a super weekend with a lot of fun, learning and increasing your network with musical friends.

There always are wellknown guest teachers, such as Fapy Lafertin, Mozes Rosenberg, Gismo Graf, Samson Schmitt, Antoine Boyer, Sebastien Giniaux and Paulus Schaefer. This year 2023 the French top-guitarist Christoph Lartilleux (from the band Latcho Drom) will be invited as artist in residence.

Dates: the Summercamp is in end of August, and for the ‘Winterjam’ in the first half of January.

For sign up: Check the website!